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Educational Webinars

CMS Changes Affecting Hospice Care: A Look at CR8358 Reporting One Month Post Go Live

Jason M. Kimbrel, PharmD, BCPS and Carla Plunket
Jason Kimbrel

The Centers of Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) have issued various changes this past year including line item reporting of medications associated with change request 8358. This presentation will focus on a review of the final transmittal, an analysis of the Medicare Administrator Contractors (MAC’s) FAQ’s and real-life scenarios that our agencies have encountered during the month of May 2014.


Through the Eyes of the Surveyor - Continued Survey Readiness is Possible and Realistic!

Sharon M. Litwin, RN, BS, MHA, 5 Star Consultants LLC, Camdenton, MO
Sharon Litwin

This session will take a very realistic approach to continued survey readiness. “Inside tips” from a surveyor will be shared. The session will include plans to perform mock surveys, ways to improve the performance improvement process, concurrent clinical record review and a schedule of events to ensure continued survey readiness. Discussion will include survey vulnerabilities and methods to counteract, with ways to avoid condition level deficiencies at any cost. Learning Objectives: 1. Achieve and maintain continual survey readiness. 2. Conduct a mock survey home visit with staff. 3. Understand the regulations that will be surveyed.

Microsoft in the Health Field: Your Switch to a HIPAA Compliant Communication Service

Brendan Landrum, Computer Scientist, A.A.
Brendan Landrum

As businesses around the country have been making the transition from using hand-written hard copies of documents to creating and managing electronic filing systems on computers, businesses have also come to rely on the internet to be able to send and receive electronic documents from other computers via E-mail and instant messaging. For the Health Care field, there are generally many documents being generated every day for forms, records, charts, and signatures. These electronic documents are protected by law to be confidential, as determined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule. Watch to see how Microsoft's Office 365 Business Solutions can help you meet all HIPPA requirements and allow you to have a robust online communication and document creation system.

Debility Unspecified and Adult Failure to Thrive: Determining Appropriate Primary Diagnosis

Diane M. Datz, RN, MA
Diane Datz

Recent CMS clarifications about the use of Debility Unspecified and Adult Failure to Thrive have sent many hospices scrambling for appropriate primary diagnoses. This webinar will review current guidelines for debility unspecified and adult failure to thrive; documenting co-existing and additional diagnoses; determining principle diagnosis; and changing the clinical diagnosis.