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HealthWare Provides VBP Analysis Service

1/3/2018 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

Value Based Purchasing

The highest performing HHAs will receive an increase in reimbursement payments. The lowest performing agencies will see their payments reduced. Payers other than Medicare have also begun to use quality data in reimbursement calculations.

The subset of measures for VBP has two categories: outcomes and value based aggregates. Outcomes must show improvement while aggregates receive points just for reporting.

Our Quality Measures Dashboards includes what an agency needs to identify shortcomings with VBP measures, evaluate its Star Ratings against the competition, and measure its progress for improvement.

Home Health Software

12/27/2017 HealthWare Other 1 Comments
HealthWare provides a complete software solution to manage the clinical and financial needs of your home care agency while maintaining regulatory requirements. Its ease of use and comprehensive home health specific features help your agency improve in areas such as communication, outcomes, and reimbursement, as well as reduces operating costs. Since HealthWare’s applications are seamlessly integrated, information flows smoothly from intake, to scheduling, and clinical, then feeds directly into billing for timely reimbursement and accurate reporting.

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With HealthWare you can provide better quality care, more efficiently, without worrying about compliance. All patient records can be safely kept in HealthWare‘s secure EMR, including collaborations between departments using TeamWork. No need to print clinical documents, both clinicians and patients can sign electronically, and physicians can sign digitally using the Physician Portal. Frequencies, authorizations, orders, and POCs are tracked so billing will not be completed without all proper documentation. HealthWare is truly One Solution with Endless Possibilities.

Good for COP: HealthWare’s Care Plan is a living document

11/30/2017 HealthWare Clinical 1 Comments

In HealthWare we correspond to the CoP by having a “Care Plan” as a living document:

The Care Plan always reflects the patients current plan. With a computer it is easy . They simply make the changes to the plan. The great thing about HealthWare is that it then takes that change and automatically generates the change orders and updates the POT.  And our HealthWare software  automatically notifies the patient and their representatives, via voice or text message, and sends the order to the physician.

Making it easier to comply with the COP!

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QAPI is a COP–How to integrate questions into Skilled Nursing Visits

11/27/2017 HealthWare Financial 0 Comments

At HealthWare we integrate Outcomes/QAPI/VBP related questions directly into our Skilled Nursing Visit (SNV) notes.

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This allows the nurses to see if the outcome for a particular patient is trending up or down during the episode versus just at the discharge. The main advantage to this is that there is still time to correct any errors that could influence the outcome. Go to