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PEPID Drug Repository is now Integrated with HealthWare

5/24/2019 HealthWare Clinical 0 Comments

HealthWare is excited to announce our newest drug integration with PEPID, whose knowledgeable and expansive drug database is going to help our homecare agencies save loads of time! This integration is built right into HealthWare and is available in the back office as well as at the point of care. Gone are the days of nurses having to go outside of the software application to report on drug interactions, and no more double keying all the patient’s medications just to get these details. Entered once into HealthWare, a simple click of a button right on the medications form returns within seconds the report and details they need.

PartnershipNow many of you might be saying this isn’t anything new, which is correct. Most EHR solutions provide a drug interface. Even HealthWare has worked with other drug interfaces, but we’re excited about the partnership with PEPID because they have made their product available to our clients at a very reasonable price. Most drug databanks available for interfaces are very costly, and with homecare agencies facing PDGM, they need to be able to save wherever they can, time and money! Our client’s success is important to us, and it’s nice to partner with another company who wants to help us contribute to their success. HealthWare’s CEO Jim Voytek adds “This is one of the best partnerships we have had with any vendor. Their willingness to work with us on the interface and to provide our customers pricing that fits our model and the market was very refreshing. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with PEPID.”


For 25 years, PEPID has been a leading global developer of clinical and drug information resources and mobile applications for healthcare providers and institutions. Their trusted, validated content and intuitive workflow provide clinicians peer-reviewed support for diagnosis and treatment at the patient-point-of-care. It’s accessed individually or integrated into any healthcare system.

For more information about PEPID’s products and services, please visit and request a demo, or contact

About HealthWare

HealthWare Corporation has been providing information solutions since 1986, releasing our first Windows based product in 1992. What makes HealthWare unique is that we provide a single vendor solution to home care and hospice agencies that covers most aspects of operating an agency’s business, from financial to clinical to point of care. Because our system provides all the functionality of a Windows and web-based environment, we have been able to concentrate on making a system that not only has all these features but one that is also specifically designed to streamline your processes. For more information, please visit and or contact us today for a demo.

Microsoft Warns of New Windows Vulnerability

5/23/2019 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

Last month we reported on the importance of updating off of Windows 7, as Microsoft will no longer be supporting this version come end of year. This month Microsoft warns about a vulnerability that is effecting the older versions of Windows, to include not just 7, but also Windows 2003, XP, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2.


Microsoft states this is a “wormable” bug, what that means is that it is capable of exploiting your network. These types of bugs are considered serious vulnerabilities and it has the ability to spread rapidly. Being wormable, it is likely to influence more than one device on your network if one gets hit and can even be contracted at the point of care, thus transmitting back and infecting your internal network.

It is also startling to read in Microsoft’s announcement that this is happening without any user interaction, thus adding to the criticalness that your systems have all the latest updates, but urging more than ever that you proceed with upgrading to either Windows 8 or 10.

As always, if you are needing assistance with upgrading, contact HealthWare at 850-479-9035 or at We are happy to help keep your systems secure and do what we can to protect your patient data.

Prep Begins Now With PDGM Resources

4/11/2019 HealthWare Clinical 1 Comments

Beginning CY 2020, CMS will be implementing the new Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) which will be the most significant change in how home health providers are reimbursed since the release of PPS in nearly 20 years. For agencies to have a successful transition to PDGM, providers need to start preparing now to get through the hurdles that they are going to be faced with.

While CMS has provided a nicely defined overview, this doesn’t exactly let home health agencies know just what they need to be changing internally to thrive under PDGM. There are several great resources available, most of which are “pay for”, so we wanted to highlight a couple of our favorite free resources.

Educational Webinars

With the removal of the therapy threshold under PDGM and concerns over home health agencies continuing to deliver quality therapy, the American Physical Therapy Association has done a few webinars including a very informative “Challenging the Myths with PDGM and PDPM”. These webinars were recorded and are available with other resources here.

Another great educational resource is with one of our partners, OperaCare. President Michael McGowan, a former State/CMS Region IX OASIS coordinator, along with BSN/RN Kristi Bajer have been running an on-going series of webinars and articles all dedicated to PDGM. Their list includes “5 Changes You Must Make Now” along with a webinar series “PDGM Solved”.

We are excited to announce that we’ll be joining OperaCare on May 1st for Part 4 of PDGM Solved – The Path to Success. You won’t want to miss this webinar as it will be covering some of the requirements your QA department will need to manage in order to thrive under PDGM. Be sure to reserve your spot and register for this free webinar today!

HealthWare’s PDGM Tool 

Prior to the May 1st webinar, HealthWare is also debuting their newest tool that provides agencies invaluable insight into the types of changes they will need to make as we all move rapidly toward PDGM. Watch for details next week!

Windows 7 Support Ends in Less than a Year

4/8/2019 HealthWare Other 0 Comments

Windows 7 Support Ends in Less than a Year

As fast as things change with technology in this world, and especially in the healthcare industry, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft has announced that they will be ending support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. That is less than 10 months from now. Microsoft previously extended support by 5 additional years and it seems unlikely that they will extend it again.


While many businesses and end users have already been on Windows 10 1809 (released last fall), Microsoft officially designated this update ready for broad deployment. This announcement coming with the news that Windows 10 1903 will start rolling out April 2019.

We highly recommend that anyone in the healthcare field still using Windows 7 look at updating before support expires to help maintain security and HIPAA compliance. While Microsoft will continue to provide Extended Security Updates, those will come at a charge and this pay for support will also come to an end in three years. There haven’t been any published amounts on just what these updates will cost, but it makes sense to just update to Windows 10 since it has been on the market for nearly four years now and is expected to be around at minimum until 2025, with support of that likely extending several years past that.

Needing help with updating? Your current EHR isn’t running on Windows 10 yet? Our expert team can help. Contact us today.