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2013 Home Health and Hospice Workshop Series

6/14/2013 HealthWare News 0 Comments
The 2013 Home Health and Hospice Workshop series is designed for home health and hospice providers, billers, administrative staff and clinicians to equip them with the tools they need to be successful with Medicare billing and documentation. These workshops will provide insight for new, intermediate, or advanced staff. The workshops will be hosted in several different states across the U.S. and will continue on until the end of August.

Face to Face Documentation for Home Health Certification

6/13/2013 HealthWare Misc. 1 Comments
Physicians play a key role in determining and documenting the medical necessity for home health care for Medicare beneficiaries. We encourage physicians who certify the need for home health care to review this article carefully. As a physician, you are responsible for providing appropriate, accurate supporting documentation of your face-to-face encounters (FTF) to your patients regarding home health care.

Support Ends for Windows XP

6/6/2013 HealthWare Technology 1 Comments
April 8, 2014 marks the official retirement of Windows XP and Office 2003. This means support for these decade-old platforms, including security updates, will end. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we encourage you to take action in the near future to update your desktop platform, so you can avoid disruptions to your agency's operations.

HealthWare Users Group Meeting 2013

6/6/2013 HealthWare News 0 Comments
We are pleased to announce that our Annual User Group meeting will be held at the Pensacola Beach Hilton September 19th and 20th. After many discussions and some back and forth over whether or not to have the event this year, we decided the event is too important not to have, but we needed to make it more affordable so more agencies can participate in the training and development. To make that happen, we pushed the event back to September instead of June, and we were able to reduce the cost per attendee by $300 and the room rates by $74 per night.